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Harmony Ranch is pleased to welcome our new boarders Monika and Jasmine.

As well, a hearty welcome to our new students, Fotini and Sarah...great to have all of you guys!


A very special welcome to Mia and Monika's new foal "Sky High". Sky was born right here at Harmony Ranch on October 24, 2010.

Check out Facebook and the website for great pics! And FYI, Monika will be having a foal shower in November in the Club Room!


Our "Hang onto Summer" Fun Day was a huge success! The costumes were fantastic with Lisa and Jordan tying for 1st Place. The sight of Dakota with her coconut brassiere was priceless!

The partner ride was hilarious with Katrine and Bernadette showing a great deal of skill and taking 1st.

Of course holding on to her title in the steady hand class and adding a new one for the boot race were Dina and Woody!

Way to go everyone!

The Scavenger Hunt had everyone with their families running around the property and exhausting their brains too. Congratulations to the winning teams; Jordan's Mom and Dad, Diane B., Tabitha and Dina's Mom and Dad. The parents did a really wonderful job and it was great having them participate!


Halloween was a spooktacular site around Harmony Ranch. Thanks to all the clients, friends and family who came out to support and cheer for the kids!

Victoria and Jennifer did an amazing job with the musical ride! Awesome costumes and amazing riding...the day was a huge success!


CONGRATULATIONS LYNN!!! We knew you'd win! :o) Our very own Lynn Foster has been re-elected as Richmond Hill Councillor for Ward 4.

"Hey Lynn, now that all that crazy campaigning is over we can't wait to have you back at the farm. Misty has a big belly you need to ride off!"

A very special congratulations to Super Star Slick and Saskia on their amazing show season! Woo hoo!...This team won three 1st places and three 2nds in the reining pen!

That's pretty impressive considering they started half way through the show season. We're sure next year will be even more successful!

The riders at Harmony Ranch are always improving and we'd like to make special mention of a few that have really made some fantastic accomplishments:

Annika congratulations, you have had a huge improvement in the last month! You are really getting your posting down pat.

Also, way to go Angi and Lisa H. on the huge improvement both of you have made with your leg yields. All the hard work has paid off. Keep up the good work!


A reminder to anyone interested in doing the Rider Level Workshops and testing, there are two workshops coming up.

LEVEL 1 workshop is on November 7, 2010 and the LEVEL 3 workshop will be on November 20, 2010.

These are great opportunities to sharpen your skills and get you closer to accomplishing your riding goals! Here's where you can register online! Or call us for more information at 905-936-9611, ask for Saskia or Heather.


Saddle Club

Nov 14 - Dec 19, 2010

This is for all our horse-crazy kids! Here's how it works...

Every Sunday enjoy your regular riding lesson from 11am - 12pm and on Special Saddle Club Sundays, join us from 10am to 1pm for our fun program. It includes not just your riding lesson BUT also horsey crafts and hands-on learning all about your favourite 4-legged buddies!

Cost for 6 weeks is $399 and it includes EVERYTHING - even snacks and hot chocolate with your barn-buddies! And we're going to make Holiday Crafts in this session with a "horsey" theme of course!

Here are all the details!

December Holiday Program

Stay tuned for the DECEMBER HOLIDAY PROGRAMS for both kids and adults!

Fun and fantastic half and full-day programs over the holidays so you can hang out with your favourite two and four-legged friends!

Get in lots of riding and enjoy our cozy Clubroom!


As Harmony Ranch's new website known as becomes more and more a trusted source of information, we're getting lots of interesting inquiries.

Horse lovers from all over the world are contacting us with their questions... everything from nutrition and health to training and rider challenges.

The topics are always interesting and so we thought we'd share some with you.

Recently, one of the questions Saskia was asked had to do with feeding flax. Here's an excerpt from that reply...(food for thought!)

"Flax seed is good for horses for all kinds of reasons. Because of its high Omega-3 content it can be beneficial in improving skin conditions, coat appearance, and it has anti-inflammatory properties.

As a supplement for older horses it's great because it helps with stiffness and can help the immune system and thyroid function. Mature horses with cushings or other metabolic conditions can really benefit from flax seed.

The flax seed does not have to be boiled or ground - you can feed it as whole seeds.

According to many nutritionists the most flax seed that you should feed a horse is 8oz per day.

So your question about feeding it to your mare is that you should be fine. With any new feed program you should always check with your vet too or consult with the nutritionist at the feed store you purchase the flax seed from.

And thanks to its low cost, flax is a great supplement for any horse."


Well, that's all for now.

Live well and giddy up!

The Harmony Ranch Gang


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