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Hoofprints and Happenings at Harmony Ranch
December 19, 2012

Welcome to Hoofprints and Happenings! Winter newsletter

First off... A big Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my clients and friends. I am so grateful for the time you spend with us here at Harmony Ranch. I am wishing you an awesome 2013.

Now... get ready for a long read!!! It's been a while since our last newsletter and to say we've been busy is putting it mildly!

Welcome to the Harmony Ranch Hoofprints and Happenings Summer/Fall/Winter/Happy Holidays/Happy Hannukah/Merry Christmas newsletter!

Everybody's getting bundled up and ready for the great winter riding ahead—the Sunday Soup tradition is in full swing again! Riders take turns making soup and every Sunday everyone at the ranch gets to enjoy a delicious homemade hot bowl of soup and some great hanging out with friends mmm mmm good!

New at the Ranch...

Lots of new riders to welcome to Harmony Ranch! Glad to have you Gord, Pepe, John, Jim, Terry, Nadia, Amanda, Roger, Justin, Wendy, Adrian, Spencer, Dave, Judith and Sandy. And as our International appeal is continuing to grow we welcomed back our European riders from England and Belgium. So wonderful to have these visitors from overseas come and share the enjoyment at Harmony!

Welcome new boarder Emma and Gus.

Our new outdoor riding ring was finished and we all LOVE it! The scenery around the riding ring is enough to distract you from riding your horse!

In the barn a new watering system has been installed for the horses making it super convenient and easy for humans and horses! Boo hoses! Yeah new watering system!

New on our Website...

Some big changes are happening on the Harmony Ranch Learn All About Horses Website. Have you checked out the new look and feel? I think I am fortunate enough to have the best web site designers ever! Because of them it's more than just a website... it's a great marketing tool for the ranch as well. Can't recommend these guys enough! Check out the beautiful pages at Still lots of articles plus even more to come.

In the Show Pen and on The Road.....

It was a very successful summer for Saskia and Slick (aka Slide Me A Tullamore Dew). Lots of showing and 5 more Pewter trophies and 4 more plaques to add to Slick's collection.(to say Slick is a bit of late bloomer is putting it mildly! But boy did he bloom!) The year end awards saw this team winning the year end with awards as Intermediate Non Pro Champion and Non Pro Reserve Champion. Lots of great year-end loot for Slick and Saskia with an AWESOME big belt buckle, monogrammed cooler, bridle bag and champion hat. A big thank you to everyone for their support and “cheering section”. And a special thanks from Saskia to Tim and Lisa Stanton for all their help and support with getting Slick there!

All of us at Harmony were so happy to have Allison return for a couple of weeks this past July. Allison did a super job with leading the all the programs and especially with the youth in the Harmony Through Horsemanship programs in July and August—great job lady! And it got even better.....Welcome back home Allison! Everyone is delighted to have Allison living back in Ontario and now working full time at Harmony Ranch. Allison brought home her little mare Rosie—there's alotta personality into Rosie's little 14hh body! Allison is working and teaching again here at Harmony along with studying holistic medicine in Toronto. Glad to have you back Allison!

One of the things that kept us very busy last summer was our Harmony Through Horsemanship program for at risk youth. Sessions ran July and August and were a huge success and impacted these kids in so many positive ways; the feedback from parents and councillors is wonderful. Plans are underway to start offering these programs to at need adults as well.

As many of you know, giving people the opportunity to experience horses who wouldn't normally get the chance to due to their life circumstances is something very dear to our hearts here at Harmony Ranch. We are very fortunate to be able to give back in this way and we want to acknowledge and give thanks to the very special people who are helping us make this possible through their sponsorship to our programs. To Lynn Foster, thank you for all your tireless work in getting your “contacts” on board with the great work that we do here with people and horses. Our sponsors include local developers and they don't do this for the recognition or the promotion they do it because they believe in what we are doing; so thanks guys for your support!

If you have a group that you think would really benefit from one of our programs let us know—we're always eager to create this opportunity for people and horses.

Harmony is in the news again!

As the leading Western training, how-to, and advice magazine for horse owners, Horse and Rider Magazine offers something for every Western rider. In each issue readers can access the best riding and training tips from the industry's leading riders and top experts.

In the magazine's December issue the article on Kids Helping Horses and Vice Versa, the programs at Harmony Ranch are featured.(and a great pic of mr. Jack and his handler!) This is a wonderful article on all the great work that is ongoing for kids and on the innovative Horsemanship programs we offer here at Harmony. Wow what an honour; way to go! Check it out and read all about Harmony in Horse and Rider Magazine!

As always we like to end with some interesting and helpful information and tips and in this newsletter due to popular demand we are including the article Saskia wrote about blanketing your horse in the winter. Very interesting even if you don't blanket; learn all about how your horse can “loft” their coat in the cold!

You can read the article directly on our website.

'Till Next Time...

Giddy up and Live Well!

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