At last! A place to board my horse where they know what they`re doing!

by d.k.r.

I have been a horse owner most of my adult life and i can tell you; not all boarding facilities are created equal.

I have been a client of Saskia`s for over 10 yrs and I would not trust anyone else to care for my horse. I travel a lot and I NEVER worry about if he`s ok; Saskia notices if he has an eyelash out of place!.

Not only does Saskia know what shes doing but she does what she says shes going to do.

Every year she always comes up with more amenities and improvements to the facility that make it even cozier for the horses and humans.

The professional care at harmony and Saskia`s dedication is never in doubt. Clearly she`s doing what she loves but horses are also clearly her gift.

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