Horse Riding Lesson Program For the Adult Beginner

So here you are. It's your first Horse Riding lesson. Ready to saddle up? You're at the right place. Nothing excites us more than the first riding lesson an adult beginner rider takes! We LOVE beginners!

At Harmony Ranch we specialize in providing adult beginner horseback riding lessons in a safe, comfortable environment. And we recognize that everyone learns at a different pace, so we provide you with as much time as you need.

Our Horse Riding Lesson Program For Adult Beginners will provide you with a solid basis from which to grow and become a competent, safe rider.

The Big Five

Do you know the 5 most important things a beginner should learn? We do... so here's what you'll learn as an Adult Beginner at Harmony Ranch.

  1. How horses see and visualize their surroundings and how you can keep yourself safe,
  2. How horses react when they feel unsafe and why they react that way and how you can keep yourself safer and avoid triggering your horse's fear,
  3. Why knowing how to groom and tack your own horse is more than just making him look pretty and how really important it is to the quality and safety of your ride,
  4. Good equitation (correct rider position) is about more than just looking good… it will minimize your risk of falling,
  5. All riding instruction is not created equal - Come see the difference. Ride the difference. Experience the difference. Feel the difference. Be in Harmony.

Like so many other adults, this may be your first encounter with a horse EVER or your first encounter after a long absence. Maybe you rode as a kid and remember the falling off part the most! Don't worry, we take the time and care here to really teach riders "Horse Behaviour 101". In other words... we teach a bit of "horse psychology". Each beginner lesson is 75 minutes long.

Our instruction includes horse handling on the ground, grooming, tacking, leading and lots of just getting really comfortable and safe around the horses. Riders learn the correct basic position, and an introduction to leg aids, rein aids and body control (yours - not the horses'!).

Usually at the end of a month (4 to 6, 75 minute lessons), riders can get their horses groomed and tacked on their own, have the basics of control and steering at the walk and have begun the jog and posting trot. Some students will be ready for an introduction to the lope.

Lessons progress according to each rider's comfort and safety level… there's no pushing here… ever!

For beginner riders we usually stick to the indoor arena until the basics are solid and the rider feels confident. Our beginners' lessons are longer to ensure a high quality, safe learning experience and are offered on a private and semi private basis only. Sorry... at this level you need our full attention so group lessons are not for you quite yet.

Here's What You'll Learn

What will I learn in your Horse Riding Lesson Program For Adult Beginners that will prepare me to move to the next level of instruction?

  1. Halter, lead, tie and handle horse safely on the ground
  2. Groom and tack your horse correctly
  3. Mount and dismount
  4. Maintain a safe position at the walk, jog and posting trot
  5. Demonstrate basic control at the walk, jog and posting trot

Lesson Recap

Here's the recap on Adult Beginner Lessons.

  • We cannot accept students who weigh in excess of 190 pounds.
  • There is no prerequisite level of riding skill for this course.
  • Each lesson is 75 minutes
  • Group and Semi-private lessons are NOT available for Beginners
GroupSemi-PrivatePrivateBeginner Private
per Month
Cost incl HST $200 $285 $380 $245 $350 $470 $250 $360 $475 $285 $410 $545

Here's some additional information.

  • Lessons can be purchased in MONTHLY packages of 4, 6 or 8 lessons per month.
  • All prices include HST
  • Group lessons have 4 to 6 students
  • Semi-private lessons have 2 to 3 students

Download and fill out our Rates, Policies, Waiver and Registration Form.

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