Western Horse Riding Lesson For Adult Horse Owners

Choosing the best horse riding lesson approach for teaching adults just got a whole lot easier!  For all you adult riders and your horses at the Novice / Intermediate or Advanced levels... it's time to saddle up and git yer "giddy up" on!!

I Know How To Teach Adults

I know how to teach adults. Teaching adults is very different from teaching kids and requires instructions specifically oriented to how adults learn both physically and mentally.

In every lesson I effectively communicate THE HOW, WHY, WHERE, WHAT and WHEN, that adult learners need to know.

I Teach Horsemanship

I teach Horsemanship: that's what it takes to be a safe, effective rider.   Come and experience my "Holistic ~Whole Rider ~Whole Horse™ " method.

It's my professional and personalized approach for creating safe, correct, thinking riders and happy horses.

Here's What You Can Expect

  • improved control of your horse and understanding of their behaviour
  • benefit from improved responsiveness and self carriage
  • maximizing your safety & enjoyment in the ring and on the trail
  • enhancement of body awareness
  • development of mutual trust and respect with your horse
  • overcoming anxiety and fear (yours and your horse's!)

My 'Holistic~Whole Rider~Whole Horse' ™ method of teaching
will help you achieve the Harmony
you've always dreamed of with your horse.

You'll be happy and your horse will love you!

Here are some of the things you will learn at the NOVICE / INTERMEDIATE level:

  • How horses react when they feel unsafe and why they react that way and how you can keep yourself safer and avoid triggering your horse's fear.
  • How horses see and visualize their surroundings and how you can keep yourself safe.
  • Why knowing how to groom and tack your own horse is more than just making him look pretty and how really important it is to the quality and safety of your ride.
  • Good equitation (correct rider position) is about more than just looking good… it will minimize your risk of falling.
  • The difference between helping or hindering your horse's performance with your position
  • How your focus can impact your body language and what you are “saying” or “not saying” to your horse.
  • The importance of leg cues for full body control.
  • The opening and direct and indirect rein effects and how they effect your horse's body.
  • Developing independent seat and hands
  • How to effectively use their weight to control the horse's direction and the basics of body control - the horse's and yours!
  • All riding instructions are not created equal.

Come see the difference.
Ride the difference.
Experience the difference.
Feel the difference.
Be in Harmony

Here are some of the things you will learn at the INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED level:

  • Introduction to lateral movements; Learning the rein of opposition.
  • Introduction to riding in one hand.
  • Difference between reacting and responding.
  • Rider fitness, strength and stamina.
  • Learning how to perform the Leg Yield.

My intermediate riders are learning about feel and timing with their horses.  Collection and self carriage are introduced along with understanding how to rate and regulate the horse's speed at the different gaits.

Also the relationship between horse and rider is developed more as we move into more individual pattern work and riding patterns in groups.

Here's What You'll Learn

What will I learn in Intermediate lessons that will prepare me to move to the next level of instruction?

  • The all important connection between what you're thinking and how your horse is responding.
  • An understanding of the magic of the "Half-Halt".
  • A correct and balanced position at all the gaits that is automatic and second nature.
  • Increased control and finesse in rail work and in individual pattern work
  • Recognizing leads at the lope and basic correction methods.

Here are some of the things you will learn at the ADVANCED level:

  • How to develop an individual warm up for each ride
  • Becoming a "thinking rider"; more tools in your "toolbox" to ensure a great ride... every ride
  • Understanding horse psychology and how to make it work for you every time
  • Have control over every individual part of your horse's body inside and outside the riding arena
  • Advanced lateral work and hip control

Here's What You'll Learn

In the Advanced Western horseback riding lessons, riders are continuing to build on their skills and abilities. Students are being coached in developing an understanding and practice of lateral movements including turn on the haunches, turn on the forehand, two track , side pass as well as simple and flying lead changes.

Advanced riders perform these movements in individual patterns and also are introduced to practicing the lateral movements over and around trail obstacles.

At this level, riders are developing an understanding and practice of basic training methods and developing the skills of correction.

Our advanced riders are thinking riders and as such, are pro-active in any situation with their horse. More finesse is developed riding in one hand.

Here's what my clients are saying...

"My lessons at Harmony have changed my riding levels from a passenger to a partner.  The instruction and coaching from Saskia has raised my riding skills, horse knowledge and insight into how my equine partner thinks and made me a more thoughtful, connected rider and best of all, it is a ton of fun!!!!" -  Lynn Foster Councillor for Ward 4, Town of Richmond Hill

"Saskia is great!  In the short time I have been with her, I have learned more than all my previous years of riding.  I have become more aware as a rider and have gained a deeper understanding of the partnership between horse and rider." -  Jennifer Coxworthy, Richvale Saddlery, Schomberg

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To learn more, please contact me here or if you prefer, call or text Saskia 905 936 9611.  I'm always happy to hear from you!

Lessons available all year round.
I can come to you
You can trailer your horse to my farm.

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