Harmony Ranch is pleased to host SPECIAL EVENTS from time to time. These are fun activities for everyone. We are very happy to share the joy of what we have with our community.


A special day for those in Long Term Care facilities!

At least once a year Harmony invites LTC facilities from the area to bus in their senior residents to come and enjoy an afternoon of free activities!

A special day for those in Long Term Care facilities!

We entertain them with a musical ride presentation, opportunities to feed and meet the horses, enjoy a sip of tea and nibble on some cookies.

What an awesome way to give back to the community!

If you would like us to invite a location where your mother or father or grandparents are living please let us know! We'd be happy to have them come for a visit! Contact Saskia here.


In Support of

Big Brothers, Big Sisters
of South Simcoe

Saturday, December 11, 2010 - 12 to 4 PM


We had so much fun! There were so many activities!

* Bake Sale

* Raffles and Draws! Great Prizes!

* Pony Rides with Santa!

* Meeting the horses!

* A great Equine Assisted Learning Demonstration.

ADMISSION was a donation of $10 for individuals or $20 for the family.

Join us again in 2011!

WE RAISED OVER $600!!!!!!

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