You asked - Frequently Asked Questions About Horses and Riding

You asked questions and we provide answers.  We love to get questions so ask away.

I take every question seriously and give it my fullest attention. If I can't answer it I'll tell you and I'll try to point you in the direction of someone who can!

That being said, there's a wide variety of questions I can answer! I've been in the equine industry a long time -over 27 years- and have done everything, from running the largest public trail riding facility in Ontario, Canada to managing a Hunter/Jumper barn... from riding Arabs to Hunters, Dressage and Reining.

I've worked with ponies, mules, donkeys and draft horses! And to top it off I've worked with a lot of very interesting clients and super knowledgeable peers in this industry.

So don't be shy... send me your question and see what it gets you! I can usually answer within a couple of days (have to get the horses taken care of first!)

Over the years I've had questions come in from Colorado, Ohio, Vancouver, Nova Scotia as well as a number from Europe. Just goes to show you that horse lovers are everywhere and everyone wants to learn all about horses!

I've had questions about horse nutrition, equine behavior, cowboy boots, equine assisted therapy, how to buy used western saddles, how to find a boarding stable and choosing the right riding stable for lessons.

Check it out and you'll find some interesting stuff and maybe you'll ask a question of your own!

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Have A Question? Let's Have It

Whether you are new to horses or have been around them a long, long time... there are always new things to learn and questions to ask (and answer).

So if you have a burning question, and you have not found the answer anywhere on our site, this is the place to ask it.

I will provide an answer and some of our visitors may chime in with a few words of wisdom as well.

After you have asked your question, take a look at questions asked by others and you may be able to help them out with an answer of your own.

Questions Other Visitors Have Asked

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I am new to horses however have a daughter who is very interested in getting a pony. She is much more knowledgeable than I am and has asked that I inquire …

Is it possible to add my poems I have sumitted to my own facebook page ? If so how would I do this ? Thanks, Michelle Miziolek

Black Horses 
Somebody said to me that black horses in the summer (I live in a hot country) get more tired and hot than white or brown horses, is it true? I hope you …

Mares temperament  
At what age can I accept my 7 year old warmblood mare's temperament to get better??

Welps on my horse 
This afternoon and discovered my gelding covered with whelps all over him. More on the left side. They do not seem to bother him but I cannot understand …

Is My Horse Warm Enough? 
How do I know if my horse needs a blanket?

Back In The Saddle Again! 
Hi! I am a horse lover, and have been away from them too long. My growing up stage involved horses. After 25 years, I am eager to get back to them. …

How to Feed An Easy Keeper and A Hard Keeper  
Hi, Just need advice on what to feed my 2 horses: both very different, but I'm hoping to find ONE feed for both, but I do realize that I may have to buy …

Feeding Flax 
Alberta Country: Canada Hopefully you will be able to help me out. I have a VERY easy keeper, who I have just moved to paddock with 3 hay meals a day …

Feeding the Seniors 
We have a twenty year old standard bred. He was free leased for eight months and returned under weight. He stepped on a nail which I removed from his hoof. …

First Timer Boarding Question 
Hello, I am a first time owner at 66 yrs old. My new Canadian mare is in her mid to late 20s. Is it safe to board her in a facility that is also in the …

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